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Pendant Necklace Versus Pendant Bracelet

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Looking for something a little different to give to your loved one on the next special day you celebrate?

Well my good friend Steve introduced me to Tony at construction time lapse specialists who was holidaying here in Italy. Tony was about to celebrate his 5th year together with his partner Maxine, and wanted to make the day extra special with the ultimate gift for her.

Tony had seen and suggested at first a pendant bracelet, and thought it an opportunity to add each year to the value of the jewlery by gifting additional pendants that provided significance and memory provoking thoughts to Maxine when she wore the bracelet and provided great stories to tell whenever people asked about the bracelet.

We spoke about the pendant idea in detail and came to the conclusion it would be the best gift to fulfil his wants and outcome of the gift to Maxine.

But what we finally concluded on, after much consideration was a pendant necklace over the pendant bracelet.

Here are some things to consider when choosing gifts and what would work best for the person ultimately wearing the piece at the end of the day:

  • How often is the person going to wear the item
  • How active is the person
  • Do they have the tendency to remove items prior to bathing, exercise and sport
  • How easy is it to clean and care for the item
  • Can the item come off easily or be lost
  • Could the item get in the way or be troublesome for the wearer

Maxine would most likely wear it daily, she does do exercise and sports where she never takes off her jewelry, she enjoys catching up with people and is very social, her job is desk based and meeting orientated. A bracelet would get in the way with computer work, she loves to water ski and a bracelet would be quite exposed if she ever came off the skies and she does enjoy cooking and a bracelet can become intrusive when using hands for mixing or kitchen appliances.

Hope this little exercise can help you decide what piece of jewelry is best suited for the person you are buying for, or for yourself.

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