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Dave 30th wedding gift

Our first international client who ordered online from us was Dave, who just happened to live in Kenya.

Dave said that not a great deal of jewelry of high quality was available in Kenya, and travelling to Italy was out of the option.

After seeing a show online about Italian jewelry, and with his wedding anniversary of 30 years fast approaching, Dave wanted to buy the perfect gift for his wife.

Living in Kenya was certainly different, in particular the food.

Dave emailed us about the food culture in Kenya:

Best Eating Joints in Mombasa Kenya

Mombasa is one of the cities along the Kenyan coast. It is liked by both locals and tourists from all over because of its climate. Due to high number of people who visit the town it has various restaurants which contain well equipped staff that offer good services to their customers.

The restaurants are known for best Kenyan dishes which contain local flavors that are prepared by the well-equipped staff that they have. If you intend to visit Kenya here are just but a few restaurants you can have a meal in.

The restaurants offer a diverse variety of food as they are visited by tourists from all over.

The Moorings

It is one of the most known restaurant along the Kenyan coast because of its location. It is a floating restaurant hence tourists like it because of its calmness and fresh air. The restaurant is accessible to various fresh sea food that is liked by many.

The food is prepared by expertise staff and among many other delicacies offered by the restaurant. You can enjoy activities such as dhowing which make it a good place for either lunch or dinner.

The roofing is thatched using the available marine plants that gives it the calmness desired by tourists. The moorings is an ideal place for a romantic night out with friends or family.


The restaurant is located in Nyali. Its location makes one to enjoy the beaches and the atmosphere that is very amazing. The restaurant offers various Kenyan dishes that are prepared by the richly equipped staff employed. It is designed in a way that the decorations have a warm feeling that makes it an ideal place to visit with children for a night out.

Jahazi Coffee House

It is located near Fort Jesus that is a pre-historic site. The restaurant offers Swahili dishes and at the same time you may get access to learning facilities with resources such as library and artifacts from the Swahili community.

Traditional Swahili snacks can be served with coffee. It also offer other dishes like biryani that is very delicious. You can also pre-order buffet meal that will be provided by their able staff.


It is a floating restaurant whereby a dhow (a wooden sailing boat) has been converted to a restaurant. It offers conducive climate as it provides cooling environment to its customers.

The restaurant offers various dishes ranging from African to Asian dishes hence reliable in service to people across the world. They also offer fresh sea food that well prepared by their experts. There is entertainment as dhowing is available hence you can feel relaxed while at this place.

Blue Room

It is located in the heart of Mombasa city hence accessible to everyone visiting the city. It provides African dishes that are spiced and at the same time American dishes in order to satisfy all the tourists visiting the place both local and international.

The restaurant has cold ice-cream that that excites everyone penetrating Kenyan heat in Mombasa. It is most preferred if you would like to enjoy and familiarize yourself with Mombasa city.

Safe Travels To Kenya

Dave chose the following piece pearl bracelet for his wife, and happy to say it made it safe and well to Kenya via registered post.

If you live outside of Italy, we can certainly accommodate postage to anywhere in the world.

Contact us for more details and to view our extensive range.

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